SEO-Led SaaS Content Strategy That Grows Organic Qualified Leads 🌱

The Right Content Strategy Changes Everything​

To get tangible business results with content, you need the right strategy. Too many SEO agencies and consultants focus too heavily on high-volume, informational content. But that doesn’t easily convert to signups, demos, and, ultimately, revenue.

With Content Foundations, you get an SEO-focused, bottom-of-the-funnel first SaaS content strategy that drives leads before traffic. It’s like having your very own SEO and content marketing expert on your in-house team – for a fraction of the cost.

Get an end-to-end content strategy that’s designed to drive leads.

A great content strategy begins with knowing your customers. We’ll learn all about your product, then interview your sales and customer support teams to discover critical customer pain points. These form the basis of our strategy.

Before jumping into new content creation, it’s important to understand what we can do with your existing content. This 360° audit pulls in a range of data on your technical website performance and organic search performance, then highlights key areas to target for improvement.

We build out your brand-new content strategy, based around revenue-driving keywords with strong potential to rank. These are the “Content Foundations” that power your bottom line. Each piece of content has a clear business goal.

Make sure each content piece pulls its weight, with granular attribution that’s easy to understand, plus detailed reporting of organic search performance over time.

The SERPs change all the time, so your content needs to keep pace. The content update stage is all about maintaining/improving rankings so you can stay ahead of your competition.

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What People Say

A selection of feedback from past clients

Samantha combines thorough knowledge of the SaaS landscape with extensive research skills to adapt to any topic. She does a great job bringing technical subjects to life and creating an engaging, effective content strategy that gets results.
Henry Bell
Head of Content, ReceiptBank
Samantha is super easy to work with. She’s equally comfortable building long form data-driven reports or compelling customer case studies, with tight, clear and well-researched briefs every time, including a strong grasp of technical details.
Kevin Virsolvy
Senior Director, Brandwatch
I’d highly recommend Samantha for your SEO content strategy needs, particularly within the SaaS space. Whether it’s thought leadership or customer enablement content, she easily pulls together all relevant threads of info into compelling content.
Brad Ewin
Content Manager, GoCardless
Samantha has incredible research skills and is really easy to work with. Her work drove brand engagement and awareness for us. I’d highly recommend partnering with Samantha for your SaaS content strategy needs.
Courtney Austermehle
VP Marketing, Salsify


I’ve worked in-house as the content manager for a London fintech ‘unicorn’, building out their entire content strategy from scratch. Since then, as a consultant, I’ve worked with a wide range of B2B SaaS clients to create effective content that brings business results.

The sales team plays a key role at the beginning of our engagement. I typically conduct several interviews with sales team members to discover common customer pain points, which help me align content with business goals.

The goal here is to build a foundation of long-form, evergreen content that ranks well in organic search, bringing in valuable leads for months and even years after we publish it. Blog posts and landing pages are the most workable formats for this. If needed, I can also advise you on easy ways to repurpose your content foundations for other formats, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Content Foundations is specifically designed to drive leads for B2B SaaS companies, built by a founder with over eight years of first-hand experience in this space. I also have battle-tested SEO skills, so you can be sure each piece of content will rank in search and work hard towards your business goals. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this level of depth and targeting with a generalized agency or freelance content writer.

Content Foundations takes over the role of content strategist and SEO specialist all in one, providing your team with an end-to-end strategy for content creation, updating, and tracking. You’ll need at least one content writer in-house (or be prepared to hire a freelancer, which I can advise on).

Depending on your exact needs, I can provide tried and tested AI workflows to easily repurpose long form blog content for other channels. LinkedIn is particularly well suited for this, and a perfect fit for B2B SaaS.

SEO is a long game, as it takes time for content to climb the rankings and reach its full potential in search results. That’s one reason why Content Foundations has a minimum engagement timeline of three months. But we can still track certain metrics, like search impressions, to understand if we’re heading in the right direction. Content velocity also plays a role: the faster you publish, the faster you’ll (typically) rank. But, once properly built, your foundational bottom-of-the-funnel content has the potential to drive organic leads for months and years to come.

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